Getting Ready For Omaha

By | April 26, 2014

Flight ticket? check! Hotel reservations? check! Car rental? check! US SIM cards? check! Busy schedule for the first two weeks? check! Prepare a blog to perpetuate the experience? check!

Seems like I am all ready for Omaha, the occasion is Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting and it will be my first time attending it. I will go to Omaha with my two business partners and good friends — Assaf Nathan and Nathanael Dreyfuss. After the extended “Berkshire Weekend” we will visit management teams of existing and prospective portfolio companies in our fund. It is really great to have the chance to visit some of the amazing businesses in which we invest, but I’m getting ahead of myself — we will get to that on later posts.

Those who want to read about things as they happen, comment and be a part of my experience are invited to subscribe for the email updates (no spam, I promise!) and for the tech-savvy among you I enabled an RSS feed — both for the posts and for the comments. I had to let the engineer in me resurface in order to setup this blog so I hope that as many of you can benefit form the sleepless night I spent last week while I got this done.

We recently received our AGM passes as you can see in the picture below. Buffett, known for his enthusiasm about his early investment with See’s Candies, chose to have Mary See’s picture on this year’s AGM cards.  Mary See is the mother of Charles See — See’s Candies founder. In case you wonder who is the green creature next to Mary’s picture, it is Gecko. Gecko is Geico’s mascot — another one of Buffett’s early-day investments that he keeps until this day. In one of his letters he referred to Geico, the insurance company, as “the gift that keeps on giving.” — no wonder he likes it so much. I’m getting ahead of myself again, I promise to write more about Buffett later. For now, let’s stay on the topic of getting ready.

Our passes to the annual meeting

Our passes to the annual meeting

Do you like long-haul flights? I don’t. My long journey from Singapore to Omaha will start at 5:30 on the morning of the 30th. I will spend one night in Japan, and then depart from Tokyo the following day to Minneapolis and from there to Omaha, where I will meet Assaf and Nathanael — if all goes well!

I started this blog to document this legen…. wait-for-it…. dary (its legendary, for those of you who did not watch the show “How I Met Your Mother”) trip to Omaha. I figured out a blog would be the best way to share everything with my many friends and business contacts whom share similar interests in investing, in Buffett or in Yaniv (my mom falls under the “those who are interested in Yaniv” category).

My goal is to make a few posts every week while I’m in America and while things are still fresh in my mind. I will try to make it more enjoyable for you, the readers, by uploading pictures and maybe some videos.

Once again, feel free to join the email updates or the RSS updates that can be accessed through the sidebar on the right. It will be the easiest way for you to keep track on whats going on and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to knowing whats happening in Berkshire’s annual shareholder meeting, the ancillary events that are taking place, and my life.

I hope that we will have a fruitful, insightful and an enjoyable journey, I look forward to your comments and the ensuing discussions — Let’s have fun!


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