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欢迎到洛杉矶! Green Card for Sale

What if you could finance a real-estate development project, say a hotel, with minimal equity, very minimal debt and a lot of, what should I call it, easy money? sounds good, right? welcome to the wonderful world of EB5! When I first arrived in LA I wasn’t sure whether I arrived i’m in China or… Read More »

27 Hours on the Road Part II – Bienvenido a Texas

As usual, here is the “Twitter version” (112 characters): Confused about Conrad, surprised about Austin, disappointed by San Antonio and an interesting observation in LA. Before heading back to Texas, our next destination (after Dallas, see Part I) was Conrad Industries at Morgan City, Louisiana. The company’s share price has almost doubled since we made our… Read More »

27 Hours on the Road – Part I

Finally some time to write… the last 11 days were so packed with action that it all seems like one continuum. Since its too long for one post, this post will focus on Springfield MO and Dallas TX. As usual, here is the “Twitter version” (113 characters): Many hours on the road, unexpected encounter in Springfield, useful… Read More »

Omaha, No Words, Just Pictures

The last post was too long, so I’m making up for that by keeping this one simple… enjoy!   We concluded our visit to Omaha and it was great fun. We are now driving through Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and New Orleans so stay tuned! I remind new readers that you can join for… Read More »

24 Hours in Tokyo

“Due to unexpected traffic conditions the bus may brake so please fasten your seat belt”  That was the English version of the announcement made during the bus ride back to Narita Airport. The richest city in the world with $1.5T of GDP, $116k of GDP per capita (more than twice that of Singapore) and over 13… Read More »