California: intangible assets

By | March 14, 2016

I still can’t believe that I had to be talked into making this trip by my cousin Jeremy, so, thank you Jeremy! Instead of blabbering too much, this post contains mainly pictures from my wonderful February trip, I hope you’ll enjoy it. Lets get started…

Landing in San Francisco’s international airport I immediately resorted to Uber and I found out that in the US there is a cool feature, which is not available in Singapore, called Uber Pool. This helped me save more than 50% on the taxi fare. Off to a good start!


cali - 1

The stream of good news continued when I read some news about one of the company’s that I’m holding. Jeremy took this picture while I was walking the beautiful streets of San Francisco:

cali - 4

Doing charity is very important so I went to donate $3 to the top line of one of my new holdings. A word of warning: don’t take pictures of ATM’s in the US if you don’t want the law enforcement people to start questioning you 🙂

cali - 2

On the same note, I went to visit one of Wells Fargo’s very first branches, or to use the modern nomenclature, stores:

cali - 6

Next, we went to Napa Valley to taste some of the nation’s best wines… I highly recommend anyone who is in the area to make this trip and make sure to visit Del Dotto winery and do the cave tasting. Fortunately, Jeremy made me take the cave tour instead of the basic wine-tasting deal as there was no way that I would have taken it have I not been with him. Go for the cave, it’s worth it!

  • Del Totto Winery, the best show in town

I should throw in a good word for Hyundai. In the past, I would always refuse a Hyundai when renting a car as this brand had a bad image of cars that are reliable but not comfortable and not enjoyable to drive. On my last visit to Israel and during that visit to the US I had Hyundais that surprised me: they were fun to drive, very “techy”, comfortable and enjoyable. Next time you rent a car, give Hyundai a shot, you won’t regret it.

cali - 17

Would you like to own a business the provides an essential service, with no competition, to the richest part of town? (disclosure: I don’t own shares in that specific business)

cali - 7

One last pic before leaving SF with the best tour guide and restaurant guide out there. If you need a travel advice in San Francisco look no further than Jeremy:

cali - 29

Next we flew to L.A. We stayed at two places, first at the W at Westwood and then at the JW Marriott at Santa Monica. LA has a very different vibe than San Francisco and I had an impression like things are generally cheaper in LA, especially food.

cali - 30 cali - 31

We enjoyed fantastic weather, great food and very friendly people all throughout our trip. These are some intangibles that some places in California have and will be very difficult for other cities to replicate. It is very easy to fall in love with that place.

I really like how they put slices of cucumber on the towels at the gym at the JW Marriott, isn’t it cool?

cali - 42

Great food in LA, vegan quinoa burger:

cali - 35


The main street at Santa Monica used to be Main Street (how creative) but this is no longer the case and now all the action moved towards the Third Street Promenade where you can shop, eat and enjoy entertaining street shows. There’s also a nice beach:

cali - 34

This is it for now. I hope you enjoyed this post, which is a nice break from the usual content of this blog. I hope to have time to write more in the coming month, there are definitely interesting things to write about.

And nothing is better to end this post with than the beautiful sunset at Santa Monica beach:

cali - 39

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  1. valseek

    Great post Yaniv, I suggest you turn it into a monthly item, so work hard on the stock picking and don’t forget to post about them from time to time 🙂


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