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S & U plc: the credit they deserve

Some investors complain that with the markets so high one can’t find good value investing ideas. I disagree. The Business S&U (will be referred to as SUS, like its London stock ticker) is a non-prime hire-purchase motor finance and specialist lender. Simply put, it lends people money so that they can buy cars. Started as… Read More »

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Cambria Automobile: the art of performance

Cambria Once in a while, when I come across an interesting investing idea that is not actionable for Eden, I’ll happily share it with the readers of this blog. I came across Cambria Auto a few months ago and unfortunately, the trading in the stock is too thin and doest not enable us to build a… Read More »

Brexit: in for a penny out for a pound

How did you react to the Brexit-inspired selloff in the markets? Let’s face it, the UK never had an “in for a penny in for a pound” approach towards the EU. Now, it is out in the open. Following the referendum, a new chapter is beginning for the European Union and the UK, an interesting one I… Read More »

Caterpillar: CATting it short

It didn’t take too long since my last post for Caterpillar’s management to lower its EPS guidance and keep the tradition of doing so alive. Light to Friday morning, the company unceremoniously said that “the profit outlook at the midpoint of the sales and revenues range is now $3.00 per share.” I shall remind you… Read More »

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Caterpillar: the guide for the perplexed

Caterpillar’s CEO, Doug Oberhelman, is known to be extremely promotional. I always failed to understand how the market keeps on taking his word at face value given such a poor track record of forecasting and torturing the numbers. To get everybody up to speed, let’s see what has been been happening at Caterpillar since 2013: Take a minute to read… Read More »

California: intangible assets

I still can’t believe that I had to be talked into making this trip by my cousin Jeremy, so, thank you Jeremy! Instead of blabbering too much, this post contains mainly pictures from my wonderful February trip, I hope you’ll enjoy it. Lets get started… Landing in San Francisco’s international airport I immediately resorted to Uber and… Read More »

Vale: matter of time

Why am I fighting to live, if I’m just living to fight? Why am I trying to see, when there ain’t nothing in sight? Why am I dying to live, if I’m just living to die? [Tupac Shakur — Runnin’] Earlier today, Vale–which was discussed on this blog and on Eden Alpha‘s letters many times–made… Read More »

2015 Summary: a volatile situation

Eden Alpha’s 2015 year end letter is out and you can download it here. Our top line was a decent 27.7% increase but that didn’t come easy, not at all. Before we had any time to look back and reflect we got to witness another drama in the markets and  at the center of the stage is,… Read More »

Book review: Work in Progress / Michael Eisner

To give you motivation to read this post I think I’ll start with a fact: the book was written in 1998, from the time Eisner took over till the time the book was written the share price of Disney increased thirty-fold. That is a CAGR of 27.5% over a 14-year period, not too bad, isn’t… Read More »

Book Review: The Secret of the Rebbe

No, this blog did not become a religious blog but I highly enjoyed readings “The Secret of the Rebbe” and I think that anybody can take a few things from this excellent book that tells the story of the Lubavitcher Rebbe–Menachem Mendel Schneerson. While there are plenty of things to write about the Rebbe, I’d like… Read More »