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Book review: Work in Progress / Michael Eisner

To give you motivation to read this post I think I’ll start with a fact: the book was written in 1998, from the time Eisner took over till the time the book was written the share price of Disney increased thirty-fold. That is a CAGR of 27.5% over a 14-year period, not too bad, isn’t… Read More »

Book Review: The Secret of the Rebbe

No, this blog did not become a religious blog but I highly enjoyed readings “The Secret of the Rebbe” and I think that anybody can take a few things from this excellent book that tells the story of the Lubavitcher Rebbe–Menachem Mendel Schneerson. While there are plenty of things to write about the Rebbe, I’d like… Read More »

Book Review: The McKinsey Mind

The McKinsey Mind (4/5) I found this book to be particularly useful for framing and putting a structure to the thinking process that we go through when we try to solve problems or seek answers to complex problems. While the McKinsey-ites mainly use these techniques to solve business problem on which they usually know very… Read More »

Reading in the first half of 2015: books review

Reading books is one of the aspects of what I do that I like the most. Generally speaking, this is a great pastime and in most cases what usually starts with “I have to read this book because I need to know more about this industry/company” usually ends in me being so engaged with the… Read More »


Well, Singapore doesn’t really have a summer season but I haven’t been writing for awhile now. That’s not because I wasn’t active — quite the contrary, I was too busy but there was nothing new under the sun to write about. Sometimes the best thing to do is just to sit on your hands and… Read More »

“Put the Money in the Window” — Stress Test, Book Review

Sometimes we read press releases made by the Fed or by the Treasury and we have no clue what really stands behind these often convoluted statements. After reading Tim Geithner’s book, you will know how to read into these statements much better and that’s alone is a good enough reason to pick up the book and read… Read More »

Competitive Advantage?

Executives often issue statements that include catchphrases such as “strategic move”, “enhance our competitive advantage” and so on. What does these words mean? do the executives who use these statements really mean what they say? let’s find out… This post is highly influenced by a book I read long time ago called The Curse of… Read More »