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Goldman Sachs: FICCxed Income

Goldman’s third quarter earnings left some people disappointed and as usual, people who follow the company wonder what the future holds for the FICC business. Here is a typical question that was asked over and over again in the past few calls: Good morning. Harvey, maybe we pick up where you left off on the whole… Read More »

Goldman Sachs: in the right direction

Warning: this is going to be a long–but an interesting–post. In this post I summarize a call that we had with Goldman’s VP of investor relations, who knows the business very well and helped me to better understand the risks and opportunities that lie ahead. Let’s get started! Warming up and risking down We started… Read More »

What does Alibaba, Twitter and Facebook have in common?

The answer: Goldman Sachs. This weekend’s financial papers well plastered with articles about the blockbuster Alibaba IPO. But before we get to that you should know that I never invest with highflier stocks such as the ones mentioned on the title. It’s just too risky — an investor who participates in those IPOs pays both for rosy… Read More »