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What do the leading hedge fund managers invest in? Q3 Review

It isn’t easy to find decent investments nowadays. Recently I was asked about investments in multiple “exotic” vehicles from “investment grade” wines, art and real-estate in Africa. I kid you not. I believe in investing in viable businesses that produce strong cash flows and are traded below their intrinsic value is the way to go, it’s… Read More »


Well, Singapore doesn’t really have a summer season but I haven’t been writing for awhile now. That’s not because I wasn’t active — quite the contrary, I was too busy but there was nothing new under the sun to write about. Sometimes the best thing to do is just to sit on your hands and… Read More »

欢迎到洛杉矶! Green Card for Sale

What if you could finance a real-estate development project, say a hotel, with minimal equity, very minimal debt and a lot of, what should I call it, easy money? sounds good, right? welcome to the wonderful world of EB5! When I first arrived in LA I wasn’t sure whether I arrived i’m in China or… Read More »

24 Hours in Tokyo

“Due to unexpected traffic conditions the bus may brake so please fasten your seat belt”  That was the English version of the announcement made during the bus ride back to Narita Airport. The richest city in the world with $1.5T of GDP, $116k of GDP per capita (more than twice that of Singapore) and over 13… Read More »