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Caterpillar: the guide for the perplexed

Caterpillar’s CEO, Doug Oberhelman, is known to be extremely promotional. I always failed to understand how the market keeps on taking his word at face value given such a poor track record of forecasting and torturing the numbers. To get everybody up to speed, let’s see what has been been happening at Caterpillar since 2013: Take a minute to read… Read More »

From the Email: Market Crash

Once in a while I get an email or a phone call from a friend who is worried about an upcoming stock market crash—today was one of these times. I thought it would be useful to put my reply here as a post for future generations of worried investors. So here goes; this is the… Read More »

Buffett’s 2014 Annual Letter is Out!

Warren Buffett’s latest and longest-ever annual letter is out. For those who are interested, here is the link to the full version: 43 pages of pleasure, enjoy! For the hardcore fans, Buffett will give the traditional 3-hour interview to CNBC on Monday morning. I look forward to the interview because I know Becky won’t let him… Read More »

2014: mixed feelings

With 2014 behind us and the blog being idle for some time, it is a good time to look at the year we’ve just had. Eden Alpha has a reasonably good year in terms of NIS (Israeli Shekel) while in the same time our USD performance suffered from the strengthening of the USD compared to other… Read More »

Warren Buffett Lost It! Really?

Reading my news feed, the headlines were hitting me one after another: Buffett sells off ‘huge mistake’ Tesco And then: Warren Buffett just lost about $1 billion on this And Finally: Warren Buffett just lost ANOTHER $1bn on this Losses of over $3bn are not to be taken lightly, but when one takes a deeper… Read More »