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John Malone Presents: Back to the Present

If you were to change your cable/broadband provider tomorrow, how many options do you have? can you save money by doing so? not many other options, right? and most other options have similar cost, is that right? the answers to these questions are the same almost regardless of where you are based. It suggests that… Read More »

Competitive Advantage?

Executives often issue statements that include catchphrases such as “strategic move”, “enhance our competitive advantage” and so on. What does these words mean? do the executives who use these statements really mean what they say? let’s find out… This post is highly influenced by a book I read long time ago called The Curse of… Read More »

27 Hours on the Road Part II – Bienvenido a Texas

As usual, here is the “Twitter version” (112 characters): Confused about Conrad, surprised about Austin, disappointed by San Antonio and an interesting observation in LA. Before heading back to Texas, our next destination (after Dallas, see Part I) was Conrad Industries at Morgan City, Louisiana. The company’s share price has almost doubled since we made our… Read More »

27 Hours on the Road – Part I

Finally some time to write… the last 11 days were so packed with action that it all seems like one continuum. Since its too long for one post, this post will focus on Springfield MO and Dallas TX. As usual, here is the “Twitter version” (113 characters): Many hours on the road, unexpected encounter in Springfield, useful… Read More »